shakeology_logowhat-is-shakeology-list As you probably already know from watching my Instagram, Facebook and blog, I LOVE my Shakeology!  I have been drinking one shake a day for the past 5+ years now – I simply adore my daily dose of Shakeology and I refuse to miss it!  Why?  I love it so much because it fills in the gaps in my nutrition and serves as a delicious meal replacement.  It’s also packed full of powerhouse superfoods like chia, acai, goji berries, and a host of other amazing nutrients.  It’s a protein drink and a multivitamin all rolled into one!  And did I mention it comes in chocolate?!  Hello!!!  This shakes has cured (almost) all of my chocolate and sweet cravings.  It also improves my mood, digestion, stamina and energy.  Just one shake a day helps me to perform my best on every single task.  Oh, and did I mention it helped me give up my morning coffee as well?!  I could go on and on about Shakeology, but why not try it for yourself?  It comes with a “bottom of the bag” guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!  And make sure when you place your order, you choose the “Home Direct” option – that way your 30 day supply will be automatically shipped to you FREE each month!  That’s right, you get FREE shipping when you order on Home Direct.  This deal just doesn’t get much better!!  So go ahead…order now…I’ll wait 🙂

Clicking this link will take you to the Beachbody website where you can order Shakeology for yourself in one of 6 amazing flavors:  chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, greenberry, cafe latte (my personal favorite!), vegan chocolate and vegan tropical strawberry!

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This blog will tell you everything you want to know about Shakeology and how it can help you reach your health and fitness goals even faster!  It’s written by the experts over at Beachbody who developed this amazing shake.

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