Because we all live full and active lifestyles, I offer a variety of coaching options.  Please check out the options below and let me know if you have any questions about my offerings.

Personalized Fitness Training

Even though I can’t come to your house and workout with you one-on-one, we can still work out together!  If you sign up for one of my personalized fitness training packages, we will first have a free phone consultation to help me figure out your fitness needs, and then you’ll receive personalized workouts delivered straight to your email inbox that are tailored to your specific goals.  These will be workouts you can do in your own home, on your own time, and with whatever equipment you have.  Based on our consultation, I will create a fun, effective and quick workout program for you to follow.  Programs are generally delivered on a weekly basis and the package purchased determines how many and how often you’ll get new workouts.


Personalized Meal Plans

I offer personalized meal plans and recommendations based on your weight loss goals.  I am not a Registered Dietician, and cannot replace the advice of a trained medical professional if you have specific dietary or medical needs, but if you’re generally healthy and looking to lose a few pounds or just improve your overall health, I can help.  I truly love nutrition and will develop meal plans based on your needs and preferences.  By signing up, you will receive a free phone consultation with me where I will explain how the meal plans work, and you can determine during our call if you would like to purchase a personalized meal plan.


Team Beachbody Coaching

If you are a new Team Beachbody customer and would like to have me as your free coach when you purchase a Beachbody program such as P90X, The Masters Hammer and Chisel, Cize, Body Beast, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme or any one of our other amazing programs, please hop on over to my Beachbody Programs page to check them out.  If you purchase through any of the links on that page, you will automatically be assigned to my team and we can begin coaching together!