I’m curious… have you ever had this battle with your significant other, roommate, best friend or other living companion?

TJ and I have these containers that sit on the counter that used to be filled with granola.  But when I moved in, I killed the poor man’s granola dreams and introduced him to trail mix.  Same effect, less wonky ingredients.

He’s fine with that transition, but we seem to be having one little problem.

I eat all the dark chocolate pieces out of the mix before he can even get to them!

Yes, I confess, dark chocolate got me all like…mmm…

And TJ has NO issues making fun of me about it.  As he casually poured another bag of my organic trail mix into the container the other night, he not-so-casually told me that I could not have any chocolate without it being attached to a nut.  I must eat the nuts first, and save the best for later (the chocolate, in case you had any question).

Well this got me to thinking…

That’s the difference between me and TJ.

TJ always eats the nuts first.

He is the sensible one. The one who understands that if you go through some of the hard times, you will eventually get to the good stuff.

I am way more of an instant gratification person.

I want my chocolate and I want it now!

But the more I think about it, the more I observe him, and the more we merge out lives together, I realize, he’s right.


Yes, he’s right.

Let me explain…

Tonight, I grabbed a bunch of those little chocolate pieces out of the container, just to make my point.

They were delicious.

Divine, really.

Like little bits of heaven.

But then, I tasted the almonds, cashews and walnuts that were with them.

Good.  No doubt…they were good.

But then I tasted the chocolate again.

And this time it was out of this world!!!

That’s because the flavor and texture of the nuts enhanced the chocolate so much that it changed the entire experience for me.

That’s right.  It changed my enjoyment of the chocolate.  Tasting the nuts first made everything better.

OMG I can hear the puns in your head right now, and I get it, but stick with me…

I just realized that this is the most perfect metaphor for life.

You have to taste the nuts to really understand how sweet the chocolate is.

Let me try that again…

You have you go through some ish to truly understand how miraculous the good is.

Without ever going through the crappy parts of life, you can’t truly appreciate the amazing parts.  They will still be amazing, yes.  But without knowing the bad, you can really never truly understand how good the good is.

So do me a favor from now on…

Along the trail mix of life, eat the nuts first.  Be willing to go through the tough times.  And then, when you enjoy the chocolate, you will really, truly enjoy what you’re tasting.

Until next week, eat the nuts first!