Hello, gorgeous!

Happy New Year!  Can you believe we’re already two weeks into 2017 already?  It’s crazy, isn’t it?

The last time we spoke, I gave you some of my favorite tips to create awesome new years resolutions that will be helpful and meaningful to you in 2017.  If you missed it, you can read it here.

Now that you’ve reflected on the past year and created some goals that you’re super duper excited about for the coming year, I have one final, incredibly important tip to give you to help you reach all of your amazing goals.

The missing element that so many of us are lacking when we set out to make big changes is a support system to not only hold you accountable, but to cheer you on when things get tough, to lift you up when your goals seem impossible, and to remind you of why you chose this goal in the first place.

Yes, you need your friends!

Friend-power is so much stronger than willpower.

You know how it starts…

Monday morning you’re all, “Yes!  I’ve got this!  Green smoothie for breakfast.  Gym clothes packed for happy hour spin class.  Protein bar in my bag in case I get hungry.  I am going to crush my weight loss goals this year!”

Flash forward to noon on Monday, and you’re all like, “Ugh, I hate my boss.  I couldn’t resist the candy on my coworker’s desk, and the girls want to meet for a happy hour drink instead of spin.”

And you know what?  No one can blame you for going to happy hour instead of the gym.

Unless you have that support system to remind you of why you wanted to do this in the first place.

Willpower is a limited resource.  But your friends are not.  Have you ever noticed how you can listen to your friend’s problems all day and still give good, clear advice to them?  It’s because (usually) you are not emotionally invested in their issue.  You are an impartial third party and you are not wasting powerful mental resources trying to navigate your way through the problem.

You have unlimited willpower in this case.  Your friend does not.  That’s why she needs you.

And this is why friend-power is so much stronger than willpower.

You can’t rely on willpower to get you through the tough moments.

But you can count on your friends.

Tell your friends your goals.  Explain to them why it’s important to you to reach them.  Heck, even encourage them to join you in reaching some of your goals!  But most importantly, ask them to be your support system.  You need them.

Another reason that friend-power is so much stronger than willpower is the element of social acceptance.

Let’s say you and your BFF are going out for lunch.  You want to go to a healthy salad place, but she wants to go to a burger joint.  No matter where you end up, you can make a healthy choice.  But you’re putting your willpower to the test when you enter the burger joint.  The food will smell so good and look so enticing as the waitress walks past with another table’s order that suddenly you find yourself saying, “Oh what’s the big deal?  It’s just one meal.”

And yes, that is true.

But if you have a friend who is constantly pushing you into those types of willpower-draining situations, you’re going to give in more often than if you never set foot in those places.

The odds are against you.

So let’s stack the deck in your favor.  Engage your friends in your goals and let them know that you need their support.  Show them how your positive changes can help them too.  Be that positive force in your social circle.

Not only will you be setting yourself up for greater success, but you’ll be helping your friends out too!  Now that’s a good friend!

Not everyone is going to be into the same things you are.  That doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them anymore.  But it does mean you should try to find some new friends that share similar beliefs and goals.  Not to replace your lifelong friends, but to enhance your social circle and provide you with more support outside of your current network.

They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  Choose wisely.

Lucky for you, you have me to be your support system even if your friends aren’t all that into it.  I’d love to connect with you on Facebook and Instagram.  Let’s create a really big network of amazing, supportive, positive, fit, healthy women who support one another and cheer each other on!

Until next week,