untitled-design-14Well, hello gorgeous!

It’s almost Thanksgiving and I am so excited because this is my favorite holiday all year long!  I just love the warmth and sense of gratitude that comes from this holiday – plus it means I get to start decorating for Christmas soon!  YAY!

But another thing that gets me super excited is when I find a new product that I love so much, I just have to share it with you!

And this week, I want to tell you all about my new beauty OBSESSION, Bye Bye Pores by It Cosmetics.

This stuff is the bomb dot com!

Now let me tell you why…

For years, I have been using various primers on my eyes to try to get my eye makeup to stay put.  I mean, nothing is more annoying than eyeliner that creeps down and makes you look like a raccoon by the end of the day, or creases in your perfectly applied eye shadow, right?  I hate it when I leave the house looking fab, only to come home that night and look like a hot mess.  I mean, come on!

But this stuff changed all that.  For weeks now, I have been getting compliments on my skin, and especially my eye makeup.  That one kind of surprised me because I’m using all the same things I always have.  You see, I am a creature of habit and I use the same basic eye palette every day, except for special occasions.

So I started getting all of these compliments, and I realized, it all started when I got my Bye Bye Pores powder.

So what is this magic powder?  You might as well think of it as an airbrush for your face.  In reality, it’s a translucent setting powder and should be used as a final step to finish your makeup routine and set your face for the day.

But I have been using it a little bit differently.

Here’s what I do…

First, I apply my primer to my eyelids (I’ve always used MAC paint pots in Painterly, but there are tons of great ones out there), then I apply my Bye Bye Undereye Concealer.  Finally, I apply my CC+ Cream and get everyone all blended.  Then, I pull out the magic fairy perfecting dust aka Bye Bye Pores.  I use the pressed powder, well, because I’m too messy when it comes to loose powders, but they are exactly the same, so pick your poison.  I use one of those egg shaped sponges to dab (don’t rub, DAB!) on Bye Bye Pores to my under eye area and the entire lid.  This makes sure I really get it in those little creases that my aging skin now has 🤔.  Then I take my big, fluffy powder bush and sweep Bye Bye Pores all over my entire face.  This gives me the perfect base to begin applying my makeup for the day.  It makes my skin look flawless (which it is not!) and allows my makeup to go on so much more smoothly.  It also helps everything blend better as I am applying.

Once I have my face all set, I get into my eyes first, then blush and bronzer, and I’m all set.  Honestly, adding this one step of setting powder has made my entire routine so much easier because it really does provide the perfect canvas for your makeup.

I’ve noticed that with this powder, not only does my skin look flawless, but my makeup stays perfectly in place all day!  No more creases on my eyelids.  No more orange-y bronzer by the end of the day – have you ever noticed how sometimes your makeup changes color and gets darker as the day goes on?  That’s because your makeup interacts with the oils in your skin, and that chemical reaction can cause your makeup to change colors slightly.  I find this annoying.  But applying this powder first keeps that chemical reaction from happening by creating a barrier between your makeup and your oils.

It’s brilliant!

I’ll be honest, I had never used a setting powder before because I thought it was just a useless extra step, but now I won’t skip it!

And I just had to share this knowledge with you because, well, I want you to feel beautiful every day and I want to make your life easier!  This product does both of those things!!

I hope you’ll give it a try and share your experiences with it.

I personally love this powder (Bye Bye Pores by It Cosmetics), but I’m sure there are others out there that are just as fabulous.  I like this one because it is talc free and cruelty free.  Plus, I just really love this company and think they use the best, highest quality ingredients.  And their prices aren’t bad at all!

I am so grateful that I get to come chat with you in your inbox each week, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you this Thanksgiving!

I wish you and your family the most wonderful holiday and I’ll see you back here next week with some fun tips to keep you feeling and looking your best this holiday season!

Much love and thanks,