Hello my lovely!

You know I’m always telling you to back away from the treadmill…

I’m really not a fan of steady state cardio because there are far more time efficient (and fun!) ways to get the same or more benefits.  Namely HIIT training, which I’ve talked about ad nauseam here, here, here and here so I won’t bore you with that anymore.

Nope, today I want to talk to you about the benefits of slowing down and doing some steady state cardio from time to time.

You see, I just spent almost an entire week focusing solely on cardio – no HIIT, no strength, just good old fashioned cardio.

Why did I do that?

Well, for a few reasons…

  1. Because it’s good to change things up!
    Doing the same routines over and over again is not only boring, but your results will eventually plateau even with high intensity workouts, so it’s good to keep your body guessing.
  2. Because sometimes you need a break from all the high impact stuff.
    HIIT training involves a lot of jumping and plyometric impact stuff, and from time to time, it’s a good idea to let your body chill out and fully recover from all of that.  It’s so good for you, but we all know that you can get too much of a good thing.
  3. Because it’s good for your mood.
    Sometimes I just get that urge to go for a run, or punch the ever living crap out of the air (hello, Turbo Kick!) and when I do, I listen to it.  I go with it, no matter what was on my schedule.  When you need to boost your mood, nothing does it better than some steady state cardio.  They don’t call it the runner’s high for nothing!  But the high isn’t just for runners.  Steady state exercise releases endorphins in your body that will boost your mood for hours after you’re done.  Plus, focusing on something like a cardio kickbox workout will shift your energy away from whatever you’re stressing about because you need to focus on the workout.
  4. Because getting a good sweat on can help detox your body.
    Yes, all that sweat not only keeps you cool, but when your pores open and you sweat, you’re releasing any toxins that may be in your body.  That’s why when you eat something crummy or have a few too many cocktails, you really do feel better after a workout!

So I know I tell you all the time that it’s bad to get into the habit of ONLY doing steady state cardio, and I stand by that.  But every once in a while, it’s quite alright to do something you love and get your groove on.  I’m happy when I get that urge to Turbo, and it’s always fun spending a couple of days reliving my cardio bunny past.

But fear not, I am back to my strength training and HIIT next week after this little break.

And I know I will come back stronger and better than ever…and so will you!

Have a great week, and get your sweat on!




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