Hi, I’m Nikki and I’m so excited you’re here!  My mission in life is to help women feel beautiful from the inside out – and the outside in!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had big dreams.  Not only did I want a big, powerful job as the CEO of some major company, I also wanted the husband, the kids and the white picket fence.  I wanted to have it all.

Fast forward a few years (we won’t say how many :-p) and here I am, with a completely different set of goals and dreams.

From the outside, most people would say I’ve lived a pretty charmed life.  And honestly, it really wasn’t that bad.  I have two loving parents who always had enough money to keep my brother and sister and I well fed and sheltered.  I was privileged enough to attend a very prestigious university, and got a pretty decent job right out of school.  But a few pivotal moments in my childhood and early adulthood led me to some pretty bad decisions early on in my adult life.  I married my college boyfriend immediately after graduation, moved to a new state where I knew no one, and almost instantly learned that my college boyfriend wasn’t going to make a very good life partner.  I ended up divorced and felt like a complete failure.  I had a job, but didn’t make nearly enough money to go after those big dreams I had.  I was super insecure after my marriage dissolved and felt like it was all my fault.  I wasn’t supposed to be divorced, alone in a place where I had virtually no support system, and darn near broke.  So what did I do?  Well I couldn’t go shopping.  I couldn’t go out with friends.  I couldn’t go on vacations.  So I went to work.  I impressed the heck out of my bosses and moved up the ranks really quickly, which meant I  was much better able to take care of myself financially.  Thankfully, my parents had taught me young about the value of saving money, living within your means, and not relying on credit cards.  So while I struggled to stay afloat for a while and had no social life whatsoever, I still managed to land on my feet.

It was during that time that I found fitness.  Since I couldn’t really afford to do much outside the house, I spent my free time working out in my living room.  I had gained the dreaded Freshman 15 in college and carried them with me when I graduated.  I’ll be honest and say I started working out for all the wrong reasons – trying to get skinny so I could get dates and feel like I actually mattered.  Not exactly the right reasons to start a workout program, to be sure, but I quickly realized it felt good to do something other than sit around watching tv and worrying about my failed marriage.  I didn’t feel so alone when I was working out with my “friends” in the DVDS.  It was hard at first, but I loved it!  I felt so good when I was done.  I started with mostly cardio workouts (Tae Bo and Turbo Jam were some of my favorites!), but when I discovered strength training, I was hooked!  I loved the feeling of being able to lift more and more weights during my workouts, and really started to feel stronger emotionally as well.  It’s funny how physical strength really led me to being a stronger person overall.

As I got more and more into fitness, I got involved in some online communities and started to gain recognition for the transformation I had made.  I was offered roles in workout DVDs and even participated in a few infomercials for in-home workout programs.  I was having a blast doing that stuff, and really came into my own.  For the first time, I knew who I was and what I wanted.  What those companies never really knew, though, was how much I had changed on the inside because of fitness.  To me, fitness was everything.  I got myself certified as a Personal Trainer, and became a Beachbody Coach so that I could help others find their personal power right in the comfort of their own homes, just like I did.  I’ve never trained people in a gym because I find that I like the one-on-one feeling of working with someone in their own home.  Showing them that fitness isn’t about the gym, it’s about the person.  There is nothing more exciting to me than when a client has a big breakthrough and really sees themselves for the first time.  That moment when they realize their worth and feel proud of themselves.  It’s such an incredible high to see that in someone I’ve helped.  It gives me purpose and drives me to want to help even more people!

Which leads me to why I’m here now.  I want to reach more people.  I want to inspire and teach.  I want to reach all the women out there who are just like me – women who feel insecure and frustrated and scared.  Women who feel like they don’t have a voice or just aren’t even sure what to do next.  I want to show you how to feel and look your best.  And I am going to do my best to help you with that through this blog.  I am here to help you feel incredible from the inside out – and the outside in!  In this blog you’ll find health and fitness tips, nutrition advice (I’m not a nutritionist, but I’m a woman who’s tried it all and know what works!), inspiration to pick you up when you’re feeling down, fashion and makeup tips (because sometimes building confidence starts with how you feel about how you look), and anything else I think will help improve your life.  I’m so grateful that you’re here and I look forward to learning more about you through your comments and questions on my blogs.  Please feel free to reach out to me any time you have a question through the “Contact Me” form and I’ll see you over on the blog!